Comparing discrete vs. factory manufactured armored car

Are you a car enthusiast? If so, then you must be one of those who would do all they can to have a new car whenever they can. Why not, if you can afford one, you should enjoy a new car if and when you can. But, there is a catch. Having a new car of the same genre is one thing, having different types of cars is entirely another. Here, it may be pertinent to note that cars that offer performance or luxury are vastly different from those that are designed for security. You will notice the differences when you begin to use cars from different categories. Also note that if you do business or run some financial institution, then you might feel the need to have armored cash transit vehicles. A quick glimpse around in the city will let you see many such vehicles roaming on the streets of UAE. Not only that, but you will find these all over the world. Even in its most basic form, an armored car offers excellent protection to its users. You will notice that people sitting in these vehicles feel safer. This may not be the case with those sitting in other types of vehicles. There are several different types of armored cars, some of which are discretely armored while others are armored off the shelf. Both are different and offer different performance levels to users:


You will find that discrete armoring is done on vehicles that were designed to be ordinary vehicles initially. This means that anyone can have discrete armoring done to their ordinary cars. Technically, this is possible and many companies also offer discrete armoring as an option for existing cars. On the other hand, the factory manufactured armored cars are armored from the word go. They are designed as armored cars from the ground up. They didn’t have armoring done later, which means that the level of protection offered by both is also different. The STANAG levels, also referred to as ballistic levels offered are also different, and customers can choose a package of their preference.

Feature list

Depending upon the type of package you choose, the list of features will also differ. Some armored cars offer basic features while discretely armored cars often offer no additional features except those included in the package, including run-flat tires. You can choose to have the type of car armoring on your vehicle you want.

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