History of Education

People have been educating themselves from the beginning of time. When the first caveman discovered fire and saw how the lightening has struck then he found out different ways of lighting it up again. While there is another story where a caveman was rolling stick with a wood and he lit up the fire which kept him warm and showed this to different people and passed on this information and skill to his generation. Then there was a story when a round boulder was coming from a cliff and a caveman saw it, he used it as a tire. There are hundreds of stories of people learning and educating themselves. 

When there was no sense of counting animals or trading goods, people used to exchange things one by one or used stones to do the math, this was also a learning journey that is still continuing and people are still passing on different methods of learning to the next generation. This is the beauty of education, while having it, you will always be able to tell the difference between right and wrong or good or bad. The first education did man get was by surviving, when people used to hunt and hunt all day in greed of saving food and when they ran out of animals from their land. They then learned that they need to save them, in order for them to reproduce. People learned from animals about vegetable, when they saw a monkey eating an apple, they ate it and just like they people also faced deaths when they ate poisonous things. This was also a part of education, the people who died, made sure that someone watched them while eating and passed the information to the next.

Medicine was discovered just like that, when the first fire was started, it used to scare people, but when it used to rain or snow fell, people understood that when fire is needed. People slowly and gradually learned a lot of things. Then they learned to paint the walls of caves just to tell the story of their lives and how to tackle animals and even win wars. Some cave paintings are still found and are preserved. You can give your kid the best education at international school in Doha, Qatar and you will find many nursery British schools in Doha as well.

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