How to attest power of attorney

For a simple document to become a power of attorney it must be legally authorized in order to assign the rights of different financial and other decisions to another person. It should be attested by the power of attorney Dubai Indian consulate if the grantor is from India. Power of attorney is basically a document based on the rules of legally handing over the lawful rights and obligations of one person to someone else who should be a trusted legal entity. For being a legal entity that person should be of 21 years old or above and also he should be mentally capable of performing legally binding tasks and should know about the seriousness of the issue. This person can be from the family of the principal or from peers and friends who is a trustful person. There are basic required documents and procedure to follow which is essential in order to legalize your document as power of attorney. For required documents detail look at here:

There must be the novel POA and its Xerox copies, identity proofs of both parties, lawful document of their residency address and also a list of partners should be provided.

Consulate of India in Dubai provides different kinds of attested documents to the Indians and to other foreigners too. They provide birth certificates; will certificates, souvenir deed, marriage, salary and many other certificates besides power of attorney certificate. In order to get POA one should follow a series of attestations which is as below:

Notary public attestation

Foreign affair ministry attestation

UAE embassy attestation

Power of attorney will become of more significance when the principal is going through certain medication which will hinder his thinking and decision making capacity partially or wholly. There is an extensive variety of attorneys to choose from according to the requirement of the person also there are people available at Indian consulate who can help you choose the right type of POA after getting all the required information from you. Allocating a power of attorney is not a difficult process but due to some necessities it is advisable to hire the services of a professional so that the documents will be made without doubt and error. You just have to pay the requested fee and give all the necessary details and you will get the POA document.

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